Fuel Gauge Volkswagen Beetle WITH RED RESERVE


Volkswagen Beetle / Thing Type 181 / Early type with RED reserve

ATTENTION !! Suppressed spark plug caps are necessary see the text below for more information

Volkswagen type 1300 / 1500 / 1302 / 1303 from → 8-1967
Volkswagen type 1200 from →8-1969

Thing Type 181  all models →1968 





Fuel Gauge Volkswagen Beetle WITH RED RESERVE


Fuel Gauge / Volkswagen Beetle / WITH RED RESERVE / (NOTE !! Suppressed spark plug caps are necessary)


This unique and programmable Classic Evo Gauge® Fuel Gauge replaces the original Fuel Gauge, and optics remain 100% original due to transferring the original tank gauge facing to the new Classic Evo Gauge® Fuel Gauge

The Classic Evo Gauge® fuel gauge is compatible with every currently available original and aftermarket Fuel Gauge Sender Unit, thanks to its unique Full/Empty programming function.

Below you will find a number of advantages of our gauges

  • Easy to install to original speedometer unit
  • Unchanged optics due to re-installation original Gauge facing
  • Automatic initial full / empty check with led indication glow (green)
  • Calibratable to every original and aftermarket sender unit
  • Calibration to every fuel gauge sender unit for full and empty tank
  • Fuel gauge indicator stays in place after ignition switch is turned off
  • Orange glow indication gauge goes into initial reserve
  • Red glow if gauge hits END reserve
  • 1:1 adaptable to original wiring (no cutting original wiring )
  • Comes with Full step by step installation manual
  • 24 months Full warranty

ATTENTION !! Suppressed spark plug caps are necessary ==> It is vital for the C-E-G electronics that the vehicle is equipped with so-called “suppressed” spark plug caps. These spark plug caps are already on most quality cable sets from brands such as Bosch & Beru. These caps can be recognized by an inscription on the the edge of the spark plug cap 1KΩ . however, this is also easy to measure with a multimeter or ohm meter. Simply connect your multimeter/ohm meter to your disassembled spark plug cable .If the value is equal to or higher than the stated 1KΩ the cable is suitable

(NOTE noise-suppressed caps or cables also work favorably for other electronic devices such as car radios and current electronic relays through these cables significantly extend the life of these devices)


If you are not in posession of these spark plug caps or cables, you can order a set of quality cables from us on our site. see our products

Find your manual here ;



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Also find our new read contact Tank sender. These sender fit perfectly into the tank of the Beetle, Karman Kübel and T2A.

Thanks to the new technology, these sender give out a super clean signal and work great together with our C-E-G fuel gauges. Finally, thanks to the use of plastics and stainless steel, these floats are resistant to all new fuels (e.g. ethanol).

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