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Classic Evo Gauge®  Special products & one offs  


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Classic Evo Gauge® develops and produces unique and programmable digital products that can be used to support legacy and analog products.

We at Classic Evo Gauge® can ensure that the meters in your dashboard that now deviate, will indicate correctly. So that you will get the correct values ​​of your engine or other parts of your vehicle correctly on your dashboard or other display.

for example we can:

  • correct the values ​​of existing closed “clocks” (such as for instance VDO or Smith clocks) to the correct values.
  • wild “swinging” counter needles calm down slow down meters apply
  • delay timing so that your meter continues to show a previous value at later times (for example, delay timing for the drysumb of the Porsche 911)
  • developping special switches
  • etc etc

We correct, among other things: petrol, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, etc. etc.

but also matters related to lighting and so on

We also are able to design and produce completely new meters that are controlled with our electronics that replace the original ones, always making sure that the original optics are preserved.

So if you are in possession of an oldtimer or classic vehicle, and if you have a problem with a malfunctioning device in this vehicle and if you are looking for a solution, please contact us.

We will work with you to find a solution to your problem.

Of course, each specially produced product has its own price. This will be determined separately for each product.

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